Myles Sanko

Soul's British elegance

J.Basté Rac1 

Enlarging the soul family

E. Lines La Vanguardia


On March 3, 2023, Myles Sanko's first live album will be released, on the occasion of the concert he offered with his band and the Luxembourg Philharmonie Orchestra made up of 70 musicians, conducted by the Grammy-winning, Gast Waltzing.

Mamas Gun

The cocktail that shakes the musical scene

E. Lines La Vanguardia
It is difficult to open an album with so much sun

Fernando Neira El País

Very classy Funk and Soul

Santiago Alcanda Radio 3

New album, the fifth one, available in 2021


Steffen Morrison 

One of the most surprising voices of the European Soul

Angel Lobo Radio 3 - Rtve

Morrison goes far beyoond mere revival

Ramon Surio La Vanguardia

One of the outstanding names of our time

Santiago Alcanda Radio 3 - Rtve

Soul Revolution new album release on October 9th 2020

Resolution 88

This band is frickin insane!!! 

Adam Moses Jazz re:freshed

There's absolutely no-one around at all like these guys at the moment!

Craig Charles The CC Funk & Soul Show

Revolutions is the new and third album of this jazz funk British quintet


Young Gun Silver Fox

In extasis each time you listen to it


A delightful sound

Radio 3

Tickets To Shangri-La (2022) is the fourth album of the superb duet Andy Platts and Shawn Lee 

YolanDa Brown 

Two times MOBO award for Best Jazz. 

Toured with Diana Krall, The Temptations and Billy Ocean.

Collaborations with Julian Marley and Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.

New album release in Spring 2021 

Trio Subtonic

Best of all, this record is “designed” well
Matt Fleeger, KMHD
Highlighted by the dazzling key­work of Galen Clark
PDX Pop Now

New album with Dan Balmer available


With more than 8 released albums and dozens of singles and EPs, the British funk godfathers strike again with their new album Our Kind Of Movement (2020)


New artist

Coming soon