Myles Sanko

Memories Of Love upcoming release March 12th 2021

Memories of Love is the fourth length album by soul singer and songwriter Myles Sanko following the acclaimed ''Born In Black & White'' (2013), ''Forever Dreaming'' (2014) and ''Just Being Me'' (2016). In ten stylish recorded and arranged new songs ''Memories Of Love'' Myles Sanko captures the uplifting spirit from his numerous outstanding stage performances on the European jazz festival & club circuit of the last few years and transforms them into a stunning collection of modern soul music.


''This album is my most personal album yet'', says Myles Sanko. ''Each song is a memory of love, a stroy of love, good or bad, happy or sad. Love is not always as we picture in fairy tales but a work in progress for as long as we choose to love. Over the years I have written love songs and most of them have some reality in them but also a lot of fiction. Maybe this was because I wasn't truly ready to share that part of me in a way that I am definitely more comfortable doing now''.




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