Myles Sanko

Just Being Me available in digital platforms

With this third album, singer and songwriter Myles Sanko adds another chapter to his particular and intense journey. ''Just Being Me is about love, hope and politics and has a piece of me in every part'', according to the artists' own words.


In this new work, honest, intense, signed by him from beginning to end, hip hop rhythms are amalgamated with jazzy lines, a soul aura and also includgin classical instruments such as violin or cello, betting on a classical jazz production, keeping it soulful and seriously groovy.


''Just Being Me is a departure from what I did before and the beginning of a new journey. It is about myself as a human being, as it is about sharing' between each other', he explains. "What is it that you can do as a songwriter or musician? You have the ultimate tool that you can share with others, as recorded music or on the stage. As an artist you can make the most of this rare gift''.


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