Young Gun Silver Fox

Two masters' first album:                                     Andy Platts and Shawn Lee

The forces behind Young Gun Silver Fox are Andy Platts and Shawn Lee. It was inevitable that two of the most prolific and versatile pop music linguists would one day collaborate on a studio project that crystalized many of their creative strengths. The ten songs herein pay homage to 1970s Los Angeles, a golden age of recording that infused the pop charts and FM airwaves with a blend of soulful voices, immaculate melodies, stellar musicianship, and sophisticated studio technology. 


The authentic hybrid of styles on “West End Coast” is further steeped in the fact that Shawn, the team's silver-haired Silver Fox, is an American who resided in LA for seven years before relocating to London. "Speaking for myself, this is an album I've wanted to make for some time and Andy was the only person I felt I could make it with," he says. "Andy understands the classic melodic pop side as well as the soul funky side that was absolutely vital to the creation of this music. What a voice!"


Recorded and mixed at Lee's Trans-Yank Studio in London, West End Coast straddles several sensibilities that are united by the duo's impeccable song writing. Every song leads to another sphere. No compass needed for this journey, just drop the stylus and get lost in the music.


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