Trio Subtonic

New live album with Dan Balmer

Trio Subtonic is a groove heavy power trio out of Portland, Oregon that blends genre bending funk with slow burning underground soul jazz, just as they like to define themselves. The compositions, melodies and performances provoke different states of mind, literally capturing the listener and immersing him in cinematographic landscapes typical of the soundtracks of great films.


Live at the Albert Street Pub ft Dan Balmer, available on Spotify and other digital platforms, is the sixth album, from a consolidated line-up on the emblematic American label Rope'a'Dope whose extensive catalog includes Antibalas, Grant Green Jr, MK Groove Orchestra and many more.


The initiative at the beginning of the millennium derives from the imagination, creativity and talent of keyboardist Galen Clark, originary from Massachusetts and a family of musicians, his early influences ranged from Thelonius Monk to Bill Evans and from Jimi Hendrix to the Beatles. Over the years, he evolved and studied jazz, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music, as well as hip hop and rock. His tutors include Forrest Pierce and Randy Porter in Portland, Jeff Gardner in Brazil, and John Medeski in New York. He currently collaborates with various great musicians including Scott Pemberton, Todd Clouser, Sean Flinn, Lady Rizo and Hannah Penn, among others.



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Best of all, this record is “designed” well, making for a diverse listening experience from beginning till end
Matt Fleeger, KMHD


Highlighted by the dazzling key­work of Galen Clark, the trio is a veritable monster hybrid of jazz fusion
PDX Pop Now


Made KMHD's Top 10 list for 2012 because of its terrific songwriting and a diverse assortment of tunes
NPR Music


The trio has embraced the sounds that surround them and crafted a cohesive, expertly sequenced record that should pack dance floors and demand careful listening


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