Mamas Gun's Spanish tour in September

Shortly we will be able to enjoy the popular band that is revolutionizing the British scene with the most blasting combination of soul, funk and pop of the decade: 01/09 Palencia, 02/09 Jamboree Bcn and 15/09 Mercat de Música Viva de Vic.

Mamas Gun rock Seoul

While preparing their fourth album, they are still touring the world. The band is very well-known and #1 in Asia, usual suspects of huge festivals.


Click the image and you will see a video of their show in a Seoul stadium full of fans.

Trio Subtonic in M21

Our new 2017 band on board, the American jazz trio, are already on air in Spanish radios. After Radio 3 presented them, now they are also included in Miguel A. Sutil's playlist during his show at M21.


Click image to listen

Resolution 88 at Jazz Cafe with Frank McComb

On June 26th they will perform in London, after the keyboardist and composer of the band Tom O'Grady's tour with the Blackbyrds. At the end of last year Tom also joined Incognito, what shows the great talent of this artist leading Resolution 88.