Steffen Morrison

Soul Revolution: new second album on Oct. 9th 2020

Artists such as Steffen Morrison are who keep alive the retro soul flame with an up-to-date and original twist. His musical background has a colourful mix of influences to which he has added his own ingredients, seducing a very wide audience that surprises with each new track.


Soul Revoution is the second album by the Dutch artist from Paramaribo. It is precisely the roots and the legacy that have inspired the compositions, giving modern soul a personal aura that only the freshness of its vocal cords could offer.


With this new release Morrison embarks on a journey on which he searches for the pieces that made him into the man he is today. An important part of this is his young years in Suriname, ''since I was young I have had a recurring dream in which I could fly, which stands for accepting imperfection, being a protector for the people closest to me and letting go of the barriers that prevent me from growing as a human, man, artist and father” describes Steffen.


Headlines and Links

Working on the fertile ground of soul, Steffen Morrison is one of the great values.

Ángel Lobo, Saltamontes (Radio 3- RTVE)


Steffen Morrison is one of the best European artists of our time.
Santiago Alcanda, Como lo oyes (Radio 3- RTVE)


Steffen Morrison goes beyond retro soul.
Esteban Linés, La Vanguardia


Temperament. Morrison goes far beyond mere revival.
Ramón Surio, La Vanguardia



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